Coast Acoustics Artists

Out of Abingdon


From dappled-shade-ice-tinkling riverside afternoons to balmy twighlight city rooftops and late-night jam joints

Their interpretations of the greats are as captivatingly unique as they are eminently respectful. Their originals are effortlessly spellbinding, flowing and following in the musical footsteps of the greats who inspire them: Bjork, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Nina Simone, Grant Green, Tom Waits, JJ Cale, Kenny Burrell, Joan Armatrading, Bill Withers and the incomparable Miles Davis. It‟s an eclectic, intoxicating fusion; and one that continues to bewitch and charm festival audiences for thousands of miles around.

Hargreaves' guitar is deft, explorative; penetrating into every nook and nuance. Fullerton is breathy, sultry and seductive; at other times innocent wisp. Theirs is an understated elegance that draws the listener in.

There‟s a cool breeze blowin‟ in. Mix your favourite drink. Add plenty of ice. Sit back and feel the barometer drop. Aaahh...

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